Rebel Toad Brewing Company

Rebel Toad is an independent brewery located in the Marina Arts District, in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. Owned and operated by the Cavazos family, the craft brewery offers an eclectic lineup of beers from an easy-drinking blonde to a magical IPA and everything in between. 

The original branding for Rebel Toad was designed by the talented Arron Ybarra of We Know Future Design and consisted of a stacked wordmark, the iconic toad, and a circular badge. 

RTB Co. approached me, in need of an updated horizontal logotype and secondary badge to add more versatility to the identity system. Launching their beer lineup they also required some custom labels for their initial flavors. The labels were designed to complement the existing branding and look cohesive side by side, while also remaining distinctive from one another. With a successful first launch, Rebel Toad reached back out to develop two new custom labels, various merchandise, and business cards. The new beers, Rebel Blonde and Angry Man strayed slightly away from the original template with a more illustrative direction but played off of one other for a distinct new look on the shelf and in the tap-room. 

Really fun project all around!